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Looking for the freedom where you shower under the faucet and move across the rest of the room, not worrying about where you drip? A wet room can provide you your independence.

With a traditional walk-shower you are limited to a distinct area within the bathroom. This area is tiled and waterproofed separate from the rest of the room and usually has a shower tray installed with a glass door or curtain glass dividing the shower from the rest of the room.  

For anyone seeking a modern bathroom, a wet room is a stylish and seamless alternative to a traditional shower suite. Wet rooms are a waterproofed in all sides from floor walls and cabinets can withstand resistance to water and dampness over a prolonged time, it's like your own in-home spa.

If you are installing a new bath or remodelling one, it is vital to use the right materials and skills. This makes sure that your wet room looks brilliant, but it also ensures it stands the test of time and continues to look great for many years to come!

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    Slip-Resistant Floor Choices for Your Wet Room

    When it involves wet rooms among the most important factors to consider is slip-resistant flooring material. The choice of floor surface also determines the type of wet room tray that can be utilised. Listed below are some alternatives.

    Glasgow Tiling Services Wet Room & Wall Panels

    Glasgow Tiling Services Wet Room & Wall Panels

    Tiled floor finish 

    Tiled floors provide you with the most choices in tile ideas as well as the type of undertray for your wet room as nearly all wetroom trays are designed to accept tiles as a floor.

    Vinyl floor finish

    If you are building a wetroom where the risk of slipping is more significant, a vinyl floor finish could be used. Although this limits your choice of trays (vinyl requires a specific drain). Historically, vinyl is commonly known as “care wetrooms”, however, the styles now come in a range of designs available for the family home.


    Microcement is a relatively new product for floor finishing, which is a composite based on cement. This flooring type contains water-based resins and colour pigments producing a decorative finish. The most suitable product for draining would be a floor former. Alternatively, a linear drain channel could be utilised.


    When choosing a wet room floor, a point to note is about slip rating. Most materials used for flooring will have been classed with a slip rating. We can discuss HSA and HSE recommendations in more detail with you when choosing your wet room floor.  

    Wall Panels are a Great Choice Too!

    Glasgow Tiling Services Wet Room

    Glasgow Tiling Services Wet Room

    If time and budget are factors in your remodelling project, wall panels may be an excellent solution. Bathroom wall panels are made of acrylic stone resin or moisture-resistant MDF for durability while being resistant to colour loss and water-proof.

    Some of the key benefits are 

    • a wet wall is 100% water-proof 
    • installation is faster, on average a few hours whereas tiling can take up a few days
    • the installation process is more straightforward as you don't need to grout
    • the on-going maintenance is also easy and a hygienic choice as it is less likely to grow mould

    Our team take the time to visit your home before preparing an accurate and reliable quotation.

    Contact us now to see how we can help!

    Common Questions on Wet Rooms and Wall Panels by Glasgow Tilers

    What does wet room mean?

    A: A wet room means that due to the waterproofing (or tanking) of the room then there is no danger of water leakage elsewhere. This allows you to do away with enclosures or shower screens. Sometimes people get concerned with the idea of a full waterproof room but normally we remind them of public swimming pool areas or school showers where wet-rooms have been used successfully for many years.

    Are wet rooms a good idea?

    A: Fully tanked rooms bring a stylish area to any bathroom or en-suite. In our opinion the "wow" factor easily outweighs any initial costs. Plus it's easier to clean!!

    What is the difference between a wet room and a shower room?

    A: As mentioned above wet-rooms do not require any panels or enclosures. Most wet-rooms drain away to a central drain whereas a shower normally has a dedicated drain only for the shower area. 

    Is a wet room expensive?

    A: They don't have to be crazily expensive. The norm is 20-30% more expensive but in our opinion the convenience, looks and resale potential easily makes up for any initial cost.

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