Bathroom Tilers and Tiling Services

Hiring a pro isn’t required, but it is a good idea. Our bathroom tilers have years of experience, so they’ll ensure the installation is done right. We know how to prevent issues like uneven flooring, loose tiles, and more. They can also easily handle cutting tiles to fit those awkward places.

When your family uses the bathroom, there’s a lot of water that can drip from the towel drying after the shower, splashes from kids in the tub, leaks from the sink, all which can lead to more than you realize getting on the floor. Tiles are the perfect choice to solve these problems because they are water-resistant and durable.

Are you ready for a new look or more durable flooring for your bathroom? Let our expert bathroom tilers help you. We can help with the tile selection as well as the installation, ensuring everything looks perfect before we’re done. With our experience and expertise, you can be sure you’ll love the way the new floor looks. Call us today to get help choosing tiles or to get an estimate for your bathroom.


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    Our Bathroom Tilers can Transform Your Existing Bathroom Into Something Fresh

    Glasgow Tiling Services Bathroom Tilers

    Glasgow Tiling Services Bathroom Tilers

    Are your bathroom tiles looking worn, are an outdated style or are they damaged, it is now time to think about new ones

    Our bathroom tilers can assist in

    • picking out the new tiles, 
    • removing the existing tiles & fixtures,
    • laying the tiles down in your design.

    The steps below will give you an idea of how our bathroom tilers will renovate your master bath.

    • First, prepare the area by covering any exposed surfaces and then line out the tiles, either on a level surface such as a batten and ensuring they are evenly spaced.
    • Scoring the wall with the edge of the trowel and spread the adhesive with the notched trowel in a consistent depth. 
    • Start building in a grid pattern, in the same direction and using a tile cutter to cut around any fixtures or fittings you have marked, laying the tiles in your bespoke design
    • After the tiles are laid, we then use a tile beading and remove any excess adhesive from the tiles and let them dry.
    • When completely tiled, grouting is applied & excess removed, and a final seal around the edges and finally tiles polished to give that professional finish.

    How Our Bathroom Tilers Can Bring Your Ideas Alive

    Glasgow Tiling Services for Bathroom Tilers

    Glasgow Tiling Services for Bathroom Tilers

    Of course, as this is a company that prides itself on pristine results, they will provide the best grouting and adhesive products too. Sealing and polishing services will be included as needed, and all to a very high standard.

    As you would expect from bathroom tilers that care this much about their work, you get an honest and trustworthy quote. That's one clear price with no nasty surprises!

    It starts with a no-obligation visit to your home or workplace, to decide how many tiles are needed for a bathroom renovation. Then, you benefit from an accurate and free quote.

    Tiling your bathroom can include some intricate and tricky cutting around fixtures and features. You will also want your wall-mounted items and other bathroom accessories re-fixed after the tiling is complete.

    Fortunately, this company's friendly and flexible bathroom tilers are always happy to respond to individual requests.

    Ready to get the best tilers Glasgow offers? Give us a call.

    Ready for a new Tiling Experience?